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Welcome to Princestown!

Hospitality – History – Nature undefined

Visit Grossfriedrichsburg Castle! Enjoy the peaceful environment! The beach is there for you. Take a tour in the canoe to discover the mongroves and the lagoon! Go hiking to the villages at the coastline! Meet the friendly people of Princestown! One of the most impressive places to visit in Ghana.

Fort Grossfriedrichsburg
Fort Grossfriedrichsburg

This fort is in good condition, has a german-dutch-british history. Built by the early Prussians of Brandenburg, Germany, it is situated beautifully, overlooking the beach, the sea and Princestown. We don’t know of any other Castle in Ghana that offers accomodation for visitors who’d like to spend the night.

Lagoon and Mongroves
Ehonle Lagoon

Enjoy a canoe trip through the thick mongroves of Ehonli Lagoon. There are monkeys and other animals.

The lagoon is sacred.
On Thursdays, no tours are possible.

Hiking Tours
Beach hiking

Let the tour guide show you the neighbouring villages. There is the Ewe Village, Ehonle Lagoon, Aketakyi Fishing Village. You can discover the coastal rain forest and even walk to Cape Three Points.

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getting there

Google Maps

bus/tro-tro: if you are starting from Kumasi or Accra, make sure that you will leave early in the morning, around 7:00 am.

from Accra: take a bus from Kaneshie to Takoradi.

from Kumasi: take a bus from Asafo to Takoradi.

in Takoradi: Get off at the roundabout/filling station/Asempa Hotel. From there walk to the Accra/Aflao tro-tro station to take a tro-tro to Agona.

Should you arrive in Agona after sunset, it may be difficult to get a tro-tro to Princestown. You may decide to get off at the roundabout and spend the night at LA BONITA Hotel. The location on Google Maps is not very precise. Ask one of the locals!

From Agona tro-tro station there is a direct connection to Princestown.

Please, in older sources you may read that the road to Princestown is in poor condition – this is no longer the case. The road has recently been tarred and is in a very good condition.

staying the night

what makes Princestown special: one can stay the night in the fortress that is more than 300 years old.

The keepers of Grossfriedrichsburg castle offer clean, simple and spacious rooms for a budget. They are equipped with double beds, ceiling fan, mosquito net.

Breakfast and meals will be prepared and served on request.


Princestown has a market where foods and drinks can be bought.

There is a local pub and Aya Beach Bar. Enjoy cool drinks there.

Fresh palm wine and local spirits may be available dependent on the harvest.

about us

this is a private page of Henning Marcard (Berlin, Germany) and Matthew Asiedu (Princestown, Ghana)

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+233240194960 (Matthew)

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